Business Security Solutions That Keep Bad Guys On Their Toes

You’ve Worked Too Hard To Let Your Business Fall Victim To Theft Or Vandalism

Alarm Systems

Stop intruders from entering 

Receive notifications when my alarm goes off

24/7 monitoring

Battery backup so you’re protected during a power outage

Built-in speaker and microphone enable you to communicate with security monitoring

Get notified if your alarm system, smoke detector or carbon monoxide is triggered.

Security Cameras

Check in on my employees

Make sure my customers safe

Download and share recorded footage

Live stream footage of your business

Watch or download previously recorded footage

Capture critical evidence and share it with police thanks to HD resolution

Access Control

Arm and disarm my business remotely

Lock and unlock doors remotely

Control who has access to my business

Access your security systems remotely using your phone, tablet or laptop

Adjust heat or air conditioning remotely

Security Assessment

Our Security System Assessments give you detailed recommendations on how to improve your business’ security system. From overlooked aspects of building security, to local area crime patterns, to existing security systems testing, to staff training and policy compliance, Security System Assessments allow you to weed out costly vulnerabilities.

To arrange a site inspection and discuss your specific security requirements, contact us.


Review of my existing security system

Find the weak points in my existing security system

Discover how to improve my existing security system

Andy Dykes does what he says he will do. I have purchased numerous systems from him for various properties we own. With Andy, it’s a handshake and it’s done. Responsive, professional, competent and pleasant. I love working with Andy.

— Jeff Good,

Protect What’s Outside And Inside Your Business

It’s hard to think that a trusted employee could steal from you. Whether it’s skimming cash or stealing inventory, employee theft can hurt your bottom line.

Don’t have a security system in place? Security systems are an effective way to curb employee theft.

Already have a system in place? Schedule a Security System Assessment and weed out costly vulnerabilities.

Security System

Want to discuss how we can improve your businesses security system?