Home Security Solutions That Keep Bad Guys Away

Protect Your Family And Property With Customized Security That Fits Your Needs

Alarm Systems

Stop intruders from entering 

Receive notifications when my alarm goes off

24/7 monitoring

Battery backup so you’re protected during a power outage

Built-in speaker and microphone enable you to communicate with security monitoring

Get notified if your alarm system, smoke detector or carbon monoxide is triggered.

Security Cameras

Check in on kids and pets

See who’s at your doorstep

Download and share recorded footage

Attach a camera to a detached garage or workshop

Live stream footage of your home and property so you can check in on you kids, pets, babysitter and more

Capture critical evidence and share it with police thanks to HD resolution

See who’s at the front door when you’re at the office

Access Control

Arm and disarm home remotely

Lock and unlock doors remotely

Close garage door remotely when accidentally left open

Control house lights to turn on when parking in the driveway

Adjust heat or air conditioning remotely

Access your security systems remotely using your phone, tablet or laptop

As a single lady living alone, security is very important to me. Andy took the time to answer all of my questions and figure out which system would best meet my needs without any pressure or overselling.

— Danielle G.,

No Contracts, No Strings — Flexible Home Security Systems To suit you

Let’s face it, sometimes a contract just isn’t a fit. Maybe you’re renting and don’t want to commit to a long term contract? Maybe you just don’t like to be tied into a contract and want to pay on a month-to-month basis. We offer contract and no contract options.

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